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1-5-17, Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0003 JAPAN

Patent Engneers;Chemical Engineers 3、Biochemical Engineers 3、Mechanical Engineers 3 
Trademark and Design;2
Foreign Affairs;5

<Introduction of Patent Attorney>

Yoshihiro Kiyohara (Director)

”Intellectual property and soft asset to management resources”

From our client's viewpoints, Kiyohara & Co., uncover their hidden and accumulated technology
 know-how and help maximize the know-how as intellectual property and soft asset in the company's
 management. We also help visualize them to outsiders such as stakeholder.

    Recently, we have handled many foreign applications filed in, for example, China, Korea,
 ASEAN countries, U.S.A. and Europe to support universities and companies in acquisition of
 intellectual property, removal of counterfeit goods, technology transfer to Japan and foreign country.

Brief History of Kiyohara
-Born in Osaka, Japan, 1949.
Graduated with a BA degree of Chemistry of forest products in 1971 and MA degree in 1973 from Tokyo University of Education
(present: University of Tsukuba).

-Registered as a Patent Attorney in 1976.
-Established Kiyohara & Co., Patent Attorneys in 1978.
-Got appointed as a "catalyzer" of Department of Commerce Industry and Labor, Osaka Prefectural Government in 1988.
-Joined as a supporting party in Foundation for Osaka Research -Enterprise Companies (FORECS) from 1992 to 2001.
-Begun Angel Patent Business for ventures in 1999.
-Organizer of Angel stock company from 2002.
-Got appointed as a guest professor in the Intellectual Property Office at Kochi University of Technology in 2004.
-Got appointed as a guest professor of Intellectual Property Law at Kinki University in 2004.
-Assigned as a vice-chief of Kinki branch of
Japan Patent Attorneys Association from 2006 to 2007.

-Assigned as a vice-chief of a research institute of
Japan Patent Attorneys Association from 2006 to 2007.

Assigned as a vice-chairperson of Japan Patent Attorneys Association from 2008 to 2009.


   Tomohiko Kitamoto

         1979        Graduated from Kyoto University. Engineering Faculty
         1979−2005   Metal-processing manufacturer, etc
         2006−2013   An intellectual Property Law Firm in Osaka
         2014        Kiyohara & Co.

          I will be dedicated to obtain a broad and strong patent.

Atsushi Haba

        2005         Graduated from Kinki University, Agricultural Faculty
       2005−2007     Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals
       2016         Kiyohara & Co.

          I will make every effort to contribute to protection and utilization of client's
         intellectual property rights.

   Hiroaki Imaoka

         2006        Graduated from Konan University, Science and Engineering Faculty
         2014             Kiyohara & Co.

          I will do my best to fill clients' request as quickly and carefully as possible.

Mochikazu Hori ( Chief of foreign affairs )

        1979          Graduated from University of Mercantile Marine,
                                                                         Mechanical Engineering Faculty

         1990−2010      An intellectual Property Law Firm in Osaka
         2010          Kiyohara & Co.

           Patent system of foreign countries are slightly different from each other.
        I am always aware of the difference and offer technical services from the legal aspect.

Naoki Kiyohara ( Corporation Lawyer )

         Graduated from Kyoto University, Engineering Faculty
         2015          Kiyohara & Co

         I'm in charge of various kinds of litigations as a lawyer
      and will strive hard and perseveringly.

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