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For Filing Application in Japan

We will support your filings in Japan concerning Patent, Utility model, Design and Trademark applications.

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@@Patent / Utility Model / Design / Trademark


If you would like to file an application in Japan, searches for the prior art are very important.

More Detail of Search


Donft you think the management after filing is troublesome? Please leave it to us. We will inform you when your action is necessary.

More Detail of Management

Written Expert Opinion

We will assess whether existing market items may infringe your intellectual property right or not. We will provide you with an expert opinion for a review inside your company or for a litigation. Also we will carry on a value estimate of intellectual property rights such as Patent.

Documentation for Contract

We will provide you with our advices concerning contracts between joint applicants, confidential agreement, assignment, license agreement, and make these documents depending on your situation.

Countermeasure against Counterfeits

To counteract infringing items and counterfeits, we will allege prohibition to customs, send an alert for the infringer, take measures for Internet service provider, and negotiate for a license. On the contrary, when you receive an infringement alert, we will search, analyze and report the necessary action to you immediately.

Technical Field


Computer System, Computer Software, Computer Control, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Data Pocessing, Data Storage System Digital Network


Bioinformatics, Bioreactor Engineering, Immunology,Biological Agrochemicals, Cell Manipulation, Biochip


Semiconductor Device, Fabrication and Packaging

Energy Development

Renewable Energy System


Electronic Device, Display, Electro-Optical Circuit, Motor


Medicinal Chemicals, Macromolecule,Herbal medicine, Drug medicine, Metal and Non-Metal Materials, Nanotechnique


Analyzer, Fiber Machinery, Fluid Machinery, Metallic Processing, Medical Device, Automobile


Business Model, Industrial Waste Disposal System, Effluent Processing System, etc

OSAKAbKIYOHARA & CO., PATENT ATTORNEYS@-@Entrust us for Intellectual Property including Patent, Utility Model, Design Patent, and Tradeamrk
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